Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bill Clinton...guests on Dancing with the Stars? Matt Damon President's 1st choice for portrayal!

On a morning talk show this past week, former President Bill Clinton (looking pretty spry, by the way) was asked by a member of the studio audience if he would ever consider tripping-the-light-fantastic on the hit show "Dancing with the Stars".

"I was invited to," slick Willy chuckled in response.

But, ultimately, begged off.

When quizzed by the host, Mr. Clinton fessed up with a big grin that he wouldn't mind taking a go at the Tango.

The charismatic politician mused that he and Hillary toyed with the idea of taking dance lessons once his better-half became Secretary of State.

Clinton applauded John Travolta's portrayal of the scandal-ridden President, in a loosely-based film version on his days in office.

"Since height doesn't matter in film,I wouldn't mind Matt Damon playing me," he noted on the uptake.

"Ben Affleck is too handsome," he admitted point blank.

But, Mr. Clinton can still hold his own as an elder Statesman, alright!

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