Monday, September 26, 2011

The Amazing Race...auditions in San Francisco Bay area! October 1st!

Adventurous thrill-seekings - bent on rustling up big bucks - may want to hustle up an audition for "The Amazing Race" next week when the casting directors for the hit show trek into the Bay area to audition for new hopefuls.

Both team-mates must be present to be considered for an audition.

Applicants are encouraged to creatively express why they should be considered for the popular entertainment show.

For example:

1.  Why would you make a great team to win The Amazing Race?
2.  What do y ou hope to improve or change in your current relationship?
3.  What issues do you need to work on?
4.  How much have you travelled together?
5.  What team do you most relate to from the past season.


Blackhawk Plaza
Prickly Bear Cantina
Danville, CA


Saturday October 1st (2011)

Audition time

11 am - 3pm

*All contestants must be 21 years old.

Break a leg, eh?

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