Sunday, September 4, 2011

The ability to as important as the ability to give!

Daily, on the nightly news, Americans are constantly assaulted with ugly images of man's inhumanity to man.

On the streets of their neighborhoods, they daily witness nasty confrontations and other hateful behaviour that shocks the sensibilities.

Americans appear to be going to hell in a handbasket.

Consequently, when a loving individual steps forward and acts like a Saint out-of-the-blue, the random act of kindness impacts.

For example, one day when I was whiling away idle time at the Las Vegas Airport, I suddenly longed for a cool refreshing bottle of ice-cold water.

I strode into the variety shop and cruised over to the beverage coolers.


Every 12 ounce selection was priced at $3.50 a bottle!

Regular readers at the Tatttler are keen to fact I do not support "greed".

So, I was inclined to beg off, after I noted the items were a bit pricey to the clerk.

When it comes to water, no matter what the brand, $3.50 is outrageous.

"Are you thirsty?" she casually quizzed me.

"Yes, but I'll wait," I responded politely.

At this juncture, the fresh-faced cashier strolled over to the cooler - plucked up a bottle - then handed it to me.

"Let me buy you a bottle," she beamed.

"No, it's okay," I politely responded.

"I can afford to pay for it. It's the principle."

She wasn't about to relent.

Then I recalled a handful of spiritual teachings worth taking heed to.

The ability to open up your heart and give freely is precious.

For starters, the giver experiences the joy of pleasing a loved one, family member, or friend

And, the recipient feels all warm and fuzzy inside.

But, the ability to receive, iis just as important.

In my own instant scenario, the kind-hearted shopkeeper was bent on gifting me.

Why deny her that joy?

Over the centuries many tragic characters were forced to endure remarkable hardships  because they could not swallow their pride or graciously accept a helping hand.

If possible, balance the joy of giving and receiving, to manifest harmony (and bliss) in your life!



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