Sunday, August 21, 2011 alert! Identity theft at e-mail provider!

It came to my  attention this morning as I was heading in to Los Angeles that unknown parties have been zipping off e-mails from the Yahoo web site purporting to be from me!

In the caption at the head of the e-mails it states that the communications are from Julian Ayrs.

And, is the return address being used on the bogus e-mails.

That's not my e-mail account!

Last week, it came to my attention that personal data on me (and others) at the MyBart web site was hacked and compromised by a group known as "Anonymous".

Post: 08/19/2011

Are they the culprits?

And, if so, to what end?

At this juncture, I caution individuals who have an e-mail account at Yahoo to be alert and wary of suspicious e-mails at their web accounts.

News at 11!

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