Monday, August 8, 2011

West Hollywood Library...mural by Shepard Fairey sparking raves in creative city!

Although the opening ceremony for West Hollywood's state-of-the-art Library isn't slated to launch until October, there has been quite an upbeat buzz in the neighborhood (and beyond in adjoining communities) about a-couple-of commissioned murals that have begun to grace the outside walls of the facility.

The project to beautify the site with art was an inspiring collaboration between local WeHo artists and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles).

The germ of the idea sprouted when MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch toured the construction site and recognized there was a golden opportunity to turn the exterior walls (bordering on Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard) into a eye-catching cultural experience.

The creative notion was a perfect fit for MOCA's "Artists in the Streets" exhibition series.

Each artist's proposed mural went through a rigorous (and formal) approval process from the get-go.

One mural (70 feet by 106 feet) features a peace dove beautifully-crafted by artist Shepard Fairey.

A second creation by Kenny Scharf is
quite textural in nature and is highlighted with encrypted quotations by Salman Rushdie.

Provocative "stuff"!

"This isn't graffiti," Andrew Campbell (City's Cultural Affairs Administrator) assured doubters.

"We consider it street art because it was approved."

According to Campbell, the feedback has been extraordinarily positive.

Well, they don't call West Hollywood the creative city for no good reason!

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