Saturday, August 20, 2011

US BANK...worst branch in America at 261 North Las Vegas Blvd! Incompetent staff with bad attitude!

In view of the exorbitant bank fees being charged these days by financial institutions around the country, you'd think that customer services at local bank branches would have improved.


For example, the other day I stepped up to an ATM at the US Bank branch at 261 North Las Vegas Boulevard to withdraw a cash advance.

Shortly after I keyed in my personal pin, and selected the English or Spanish option (!), the screen froze up in front of me.

"Do you wish to cancel?" the ATM quizzed me.

Because of the glitch I encountered I elected to do just that (and start again).

Second try?

No cigar!


When I attempted to complete the transaction again a few seconds later, the screen stalled, and prevented me from cashing-out.

At this juncture, I noticed another gentleman hovering nearby, who was anxious to utilize the machine.

"The screen is freezing up on me, but you go ahead, if you like," I cautioned, as I stepped aside out-of-the-shadows and into the bright sweltering-hot desert sun.

As it turned out, the snafu wasn't due to any mistake on my part.

Shortly after inputting his data, the the other gentleman was faced with the same dilemma.

Unlike me, however, he snatched up his ATM card and stormed off angrily.

So, I was forced to stroll into the Bank to request a advance from the teller - and likewise - inform them about the malfunctioning ATM.

When I approached the desk of a frumpy thirty-something woman with a bad "do" to report the ATM incident, I was taken aback by her disturbing unprofessional behaviour.

The unkempt employee barely glanced up from a raft of papers she was perusing to address the issue.

"You probably didn't wait long enough," she finally barked at me, as she gave me a nasty look sideways.

How rude!

I immediately noted that I a second attempt at the ATM failed, too.

In addition, I pointed out that another customer also experienced difficulty withdrawing cash, to underscore that the problem with the ATM was obviously not due to any slip-up on my part.

She was at a loss for words; subsequently, I was forced to be quick on the uptake.

"May I obtain a cash advance from the teller?" I quizzed, at which point, she grudgingly nodded in the affirmative.

The woman had all the personality of a worm - and the brains to match - you betcha!

At the counter, a squat Latino woman with bad skin and a huffy air about her, was just as combative.

When I explained the problem with the ATM, she stared at me like I was from outer-space.

"I was afraid that if I had too many failed attempts at the ATM that it might send up a red flag and terminate card services," I explained, in the event she was too stupid too figure it out for herself.

After all, repeated irregularities at an ATM may cause the automated system to terminate card functions, as most bank customers are probably aware.

She reluctantly took my ID, then slowly hauled her fat ass over to debit machine to process the cash.

Sorry to wake you up, honey bun!

But, get this.

A week later, when I returned to the same ATM to withdraw cash, the machine was still broken!

Imagine that!

I took it upon myself to stroll into the bank and enlighten them about the problem, but they were too stupid and unprofessional to take any prompt meaningful action to fix it!

What a couple of low-life shits, eh?

By the way, US Bank is the disreputable financial institution that snatched up a batch of student loans a few years ago, then proceeded to sick nasty debt collectors on the students' tail - to ultimately make their lives miserable - until they forked over the dough pronto!

US Bank?

The worst financial institution in the country (just a notch above Capital One).

There outta be a law!

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