Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University Medical Center (Las Vegas) ...rogue security guards conduct warrant searches on patients! Incompetent negligent staff delay treatment! Quack Doctors misdiagnose ailments!

Patients suffering excruciating pain suffer for hours at University Medical Centre due to negligent incompetent staff, security guards conduct warrant searches (beyond their color of authority) on patients in the Emergency waiting room, and quack doctors misdiagnose ailments so frequently that patients are routinely forced to trek back for a second-or-third round of tests with the desperate hope of obtaining relief (at exorbitant cost to patients and their insurance carriers)

For example, when patients enter the Emergency facility a security guard directs the individual to sign their name on a waiting list, then promptly take a seat.

No problem with that.

Residents and tourists alike don't mind waiting their turn providing the  process is carried out in a fair professional manner.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, because UMC has hired dim-witted staff with all the personality, charm, and intelligence of a worm.

After one patient signed in, about an hour later, it suddenly became apparent that ailing individuals were being called up to register at admissions before her, in  spite of the fact they entered the medical facility thirty minutes later

When the patient strolled up to check her name on the roster, the sheet with her name on it had vanished for some inexplicable reason.

At this juncture, the ailing individual - bent over in pain - walked up to clerk to determine why their name had not been called.

The gruff Asian woman - with limited English skills - barked back rudely:

"Maybe it's here."

"My name was on the top of the list, so I should have been called before the others," she politely responded.

"Sometimes, I can't read the names," she snarled.

Say what?

Does that mean the unskilled worker would by-pass the next person on the list, and simply leave them in lurch without their knowledge?

"Should I sign the sheet again," the woman probed further.

The admissions clerk did not even give the patient the courtesy of a reply.

Instead, she turned to the gentleman allegedly next-in-line, and rudely ignored the ill woman.

If the patient hadn't signed her name on the second list, she probably wouldn't have been called for treatment.

On a regular basis, patients often return with a worsened condition, because the ailment was not diagnosed or treated properly from the get-go.

In sum, quack doctors at University Medical Centre are partly responsible for the eventual collapse of Medicare - because of a debt load difficult to breach - triggered by their negligence, malpractice, and over-charges.

Patients have also complained that when employees in registration call them up to the front desk to scoop up information on their medical insurance, the nosy employees ask delicate questions about their health, current work status - you name it - in Violation of their privacy rights.

But, the most shocking revelations of all, pertain to allegations that security guards at the front desk routinely run warrant searches - and get this - ambush and arrest individuals (in the event one is on record) once the doctor discharges the unsuspecting patient a few hours later.

The landmark immigration laws designed to give broader powers to Law Enforcement in Arizona are child's play by comparison.

I haven't any confirmed reports that the security guards at UMC are also conducting witch-hunts against illegals, but in view of the fact the rogue security guards aforementioned have already crossed-the-line (and violated the Constitutional Rights of patients) it wouldn't surprise me.

The ACLU, the Feds, and the State Medical Board are urged to conduct a full investigation with the ultimate aim of ending this outrageous heinous illegal conduct, which smacks of a police state!

Stay posted for updates!

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