Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ryan that a hat? Princess Eugenie gets a run for her money!

Ryan Seacrest

Just a few minutes ago, I spied a mug shot of Ryan Seacrest on twitter, that caused me to sit bolt upright in my comfy easy chair and stare at the laptop screen in disbelief.


Was the fast-talking popular disc jockey a victim of some vicious hacker out to destroy his usually oh-so-cool  celebrity image?

Ryan is a friend on MySpace - and just earlier today - one of his standard publicity stills was gracing the web page.

Surely the "American Idol" host didn't update that wild hilarious shot of himself?

If so (say what?) I have only one response.

Ryan, what were 'ya thinking?

Just maybe, the studly man-about-town has an inside track on an upcoming audition for the role of an aging Master in a Karate Kid sequel?

Perhaps the toy-boy is trying to steal a bit of Princess Eugenie's thunder?

If so, Ryan, flog that tired old "do" rag for big bucks on the Internet, and donate the proceeds to a worthwhile charity, eh?

News at 11!

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