Friday, August 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson...cast in "Unbound Captives"! Rachel Weisz & Hugh Jackman also star!

Word out of Hollywood is that hunky Robert Pattinson is gearing up to take on a new role in the feature "The Unbound Captives" - a period piece - which  also stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

Sources close to the project were tight-lipped about the specifics - some of the logistics are still being worked out - but quite adamant that the shoot would not hole up in glitzy Tinseltown.

No distractions, please!

If the scuttlebutt is true, Robert will be sequestered away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and adoring fans in a secluded Texas location.

Whispering sweet-nothings to his gal pal, Kristen - long distance after-midnight during the Vampire hours - may prove costly for the heartthrob unless the Twilight beauty tags along.

The shy actress may be wise to keep an eye on Rachel Weisz (even Hugh Jackman).

The talented actor from down under was pretty convincing, after all, when he got under the skin of Peter Allen in his dazzling portrayal of the showman (who I saw perform live once at a nightclub in New York before he met Liza and hit the big time).

By the way, in spite of a tangle of snafus - and untold headaches that have bogged the creative team down at the studio non-stop - it appears that the director is now shooting for a spring start-up.

Madeline Stowe boasted in a recent interview that she came up with the idea for what she calls “a large romantic Western” while at her cattle ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

The plot line allegedly focuses on an abduction by the Comanche Indians in Texas in the 1800s.

Stay posted for updates!

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