Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ricky Martin..."coming out" quote of the day! Surprise revelation!

I'll always recall the evening when Ricky Martin first appeared on the Barbara Walters show years ago and was suddenly confronted with an unexpected (off-limits?) question out-of-the-blue about the sexy heartthrob's personal sex life.

"Are you gay, Ricky," Walters probed the Latin Lover point-blank without blinking-an-eye.

Was Ms. goody two-shoes going to land the scoop of the decade (as usual?).

The camera zoomed in for a close-up as Ricky's jaw just-about dropped to the studio floor.

The silence was so awkward that it was deafening.

As Mr. Martin wrestled over whether or not to dignify (?) the question with a response, Walters roared in for the kill.

"Well, you know I have to ask the question because of the rumors," she uttered up in so many words, almost - but not quite - apologetically.

Viewers at home, meanwhile, hung on the edge of their sofas and easy-chairs waiting in suspense for the answer.

Was the popular crooner gay - or were the rumors vicious rumors - perpetuated by jilted lovers and business rivals out to destroy his burgeoning musical career.

Fans around the globe would not "get closure" that night.


Ricky refused to answer.

Invariably, once the rising star ducked the searing probe, viewers were inclined to turn to each other and nod their heads in agreement.


"He's gay!"

So, when Ricky Martin was asked what "coming out" was like - in a recent television interview - I  half-expected the studly married man with two children to lament that it had been utter hell.


Instead, Ricky beamed.

"It was great. I wish I could do it again."

"Really," the host quizzed incredulous.

And then, came the "coming out" quote of the day, you betcha.

"It was like high-fiving God," he cried out jubilantly.

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