Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry...quirky use of English begs question! Is the Governor a redneck in sheep's clothing?

A few weeks ago, I penned a feature on Rick Perry's aggressive efforts to maintain the Texas border that he has authority and jurisdiction over, in his current role as the State's swash-buckling Governor.

Post:  05/26/2011

After mulling over the situation for a couple of days, I published a follow-up post, in which I speculated that Rick Perry might be a likely candidate to run for President in the next election.

Post:  05/27/2011

On the heels of the second post, a good friend hastily fired off a response to a link I installed on Facebook.

"Oh, Julian! You don't want Perry! He hates women, Mexicans, and fags!"

I held judgment, because during that time frame, I was not in possession of any facts or evidence that supported - what appeared to be - a wild accusation.

But if the allegations were true, it begged the question.

Who does Perry warm up to?

Well, obviously the red necks he fashions himself after, who roam the range in Texas.

In fact, judging by his recent comments on a National Broadcast (which some perceived as veiled threats against swishy politicians in the corridors of power in Washington) - and constant mutilations of the English language - he obviously imagines himself to be a rough-and-tumble modern-day cowboy!


Why else would Governor Rick Perry pepper his public speeches with so many jarring jaw-dropping words like - y'all, workin', and 'em - eh?

Surely, he's aware of their proper pronunciation - and likewise - is capable of spelling 'em - er - them!


 It's catching.

Will voters wake up and smell the coffee?

News at 11!

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