Monday, August 15, 2011

Reincarnation...I want to come back as Jason Feinberg's cat! Fox News Anchor a pet-lover!

If I had my druthers - and I am reincarnated - I'd prefer to return as one of Jason Feinberg's cats!

After all, it hasn't escaped my attention that Mr. Feinberg - an anchorman on Fox 5 News - spoils his pets to the high heavens!

The animated newsman doesn't appear to spend a day before the cameras without uttering up at least one darling reference to his adorable brood.

And, in spite of the fact two kitties were already roaming about the house - and staking out their territory at whim - Feinberg was inclined to trundle home with another furry bundle of joy who he promptly named Dr. Feinberg.

"There's a doctor in every Jewish family," he joked to his co-host on the popular morning news show.

When a photograph of Dr. Feinberg splashed across the screen it triggered old memories.

Years ago, I once owned a calico cat, too!

Actually, last year I penned a post on my precious "Sabrina" who came in-and-out of my life unexpectedly!

Post: 10/23/2010

Though I am not able to take on the responsibility of a pet just now, frankly, I can't wait until those circumstances change.

After all, cats and dogs are such a comfort, 'ya know?

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