Wednesday, August 31, 2011

President Obama...Uncle a fugitive residing in the U.S. illegally!

The President was a little red-faced this week when disturbing news reports about his Uncle - Onyango Obama - triiggered a media frenzy.

At least one biblical passage I am familiar with  is quite emphatic about one of the issues that has raised its ugly head

"You are not your brother's keeper."

In view of the fact the Commander-in-Chief has flipped-flopped on the escalating problem of illegal immigrants, it appears that an investigation may be required to determine if President Obama willfully hid facts and information that may establish that Barack's behind-the-scenes maneuvering  was a conflict of interest.

For example, if the President's stance on illegal immigrants was based  on the fact that relative in  his own family circle were seeking relief (legal status), he was bound to disclose and let the chips fall where they may.

At a minimum, it appears that President Obama may have acted unethically and immorally.

The matter basically hinges on two issues.

Did President Obama know that his uncle was an illegal immigrant on the lam?

If so, when did Barack first learn of the problem?
According to Law Enforcement, Onyango Obama was born in Kenya, and has been residing under the radar in Massachusetts until eratic driving back east resulted in a  DUI charge  and detention by ICE.

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