Monday, August 15, 2011

nonglish...definition by Julian Ayrs!

The word - nonglish - is one that is often uttered up by an immigrant in bustling third-world cities (such as Los Angeles and New York) when a white English-speaking U.S. resident attempts to engage the individual in a conversation in a public place such as at a fast-food take-out, valet parking lot, or what-have-you.

The word translates to "no speak English" or "no English".

In order to move conversations along (and to avoid frustrating and embarrassing scenarios going-down out-of-the-blue) Amercans often refer to the individual to family, friends, and business associates in the following way:

"He's nonglish."

Because the problem has grown to epic proportions, a Republican candidate running for President in the next election is currently pitching a bill that stipulates that only "English" be spoken in Government facilities to prevent the trend from taking root (and crippling day-to-day business) in the Nation's Capitol.

Experts in the field note that the phenomenon has reared its ugly head because immigrants moving from foreign countries to the United States either refuse (or are unable to) learn English and/or assimilate into the culture.

Show compassion.

Say a prayer for them and then move on.


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