Monday, August 8, 2011

Nicole Kidman...wild "do" on set of "The Paperboy" sparks Internet buzz! Frizzies be gone!

The Internet was all a-buzz over a wild "do" Nicole Kidman (MySpace friend) was flouncing around in on the set of her spanking-new project "The Paperboy".

The look is quite a departure for the Oscar-winner who was first-introduced to the realms of celluloid with a coiff that suffered severely from a bad case of the frizzies.

Fans (and film-goers alike) may recall that when Ms. Kidman splashed into the limelight - opposite Tom Cruise in the romantic drama "Days of Thunder" - that she was a flaming redhead.

The chemistry between Cruise and Kidman onscreen - kindled a passionate romance off - which led to a trip down the aisle to the altar after a brief courtship.

A smattering of freckles contributed to a fiery spunky "look" that worked well for the actress from down-under in the early headstrong days of her fledgling career.

But it was not until Nicole's image splashed across the silver screen in a remake of the Sci-Fi thriller - "The Invaders" (re-titled "The Invasion") that a Hollywood-style make-over (sans freckles and replete with a "do" that featured straight ends) managed to catapult the talented actress into super-star mode.

Ms. Kidman never looked back, needless to say, and Cruise was left eating crow.

By the way, the charismatic star is also a clothes-horse, who made my 10 Best-Dressed list for women in the recent past.

Now, if only the fashion police could work some magic with that musician-husband of hers, eh?

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