Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McDonalds...thumbs up for Chinese Chicken salad! Tasty & nutritious snacks!

Imagine that!

There was a time when McDonalds and nutrition were considered an incongruity of terms!

And, wonders never cease, too.

For the first time at McDonalds, I passed on a junk-food high-fat snack and came up a winner!

The Chinese Chicken Salad I ordered turned out be tasty and quite nutritious, too.

For example, a generous portion of grilled chicken was served up on a fresh bed of lettuce, and included delicious toppings such as almonds, mandarin orange slices, beans, and crisply-cut vegetables (carrots and tomatoes).

The caesars salad dressing hit the spot, too (though a little calorie-ridden).

The order was so large (approximately $5.00 a pop) that I ended up taking a doggie-bag home to munch on the last few mouthfuls at home.

Thumbs up to McDonalds for changing the direction of the fast-food industry by providing alternative choices to extra-fatty burgers, greasy (salty) french fries, and all the nasty trimmings that end up on a customer's waistine!


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