Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Las Vegas...visitors lured by cheap rents! Trend spirals upwards!

Last week, a couple of Travel & Leisure analysts at local news outlets confessed that they didn't know what to make of a recent surge in visitors to Las Vegas, which appeared to go against the grain.

"The tourists are staying longer," reported one baffled anchor at a local news outlet.

Once the out-of-towners alight in their comfortable perches, they tend to hunker down for a longer haul than usual.

"It doesn't make sense when you review the data," another shrugged in frustration.

My knee-jerk reaction?

It's because of the rock-bottom rents!

Currently, a short-term reservation at a "flexible-stay" Hotel (or Motel) can be snapped up for half-the-price of a weekly or monthly rental elsewhere (in California, let's say).

On the few occasions I've strolled the streets for a breath of fresh air, I couldn't help but notice that Landlords are luring in tenants with move-in specials that are difficult to resist.

Say what?

Just plop down $499.00 and you're in-like-Flynn!

No credit check or lease required!

Some aggressive managers are tossing in free breakfast, cable, and Wi-Fi as well.

For a renter (or mortgage-holder) used to turning over seventy-five percent of their monthly paycheck to a bank or landlord the savings are a precious Godsend.

At these affordable prices tenants may actually be able to sock away a bit of cash each month for a retirement fund!

Viva Las Vegas!

As to suffering through the desert heat, well, that's a whole different ball game!

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