Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kris Humphries...trouble at home? Hunk spotted at Airport without wedding band!

When an on-the-ball paparazzi captured a publicity still of Kris Humphries and his blushing bride at the airport bound for their honeymoon, the tongues began to wag, when the image of the couple-of-the-hour splashed across media outlets around the globe.

Although, Mrs. Humphries was flashing a dazzling diamond wedding ring - quite a rock, by any standards -Humphries' fingers were noticeably bare.

Trouble at home, already?

Or, is the studly athlete just a down-to-earth unaffected dude, turned off by silly adornments like jewellery?

Needless to say, his wife need not worry about single women on the prowl for bachelors.

In view of the vulgar glut of publicity that streamed across the Internet (and at media outlets far-and-wide)  on the heels of the wedding, it is highly doubtful that any bodacious babe on the planet is in the dark about Humphries current marriage status.

Unless, the hapless gal was lurking under a rock somewhere, of course!

Stay posted for updates!

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