Friday, August 19, 2011

Justin Bieber...sign of the times! Raging hormones cause teen fan dilemma!

When I was a teen, a "DETOUR" sign - scoffed up in the middle-of-the-night from a construction site at the side of the road - was cooler than a poster of Hendrix, Bob Dylan, or even the mop-haired Beatles!

Today, a muddled pimply-faced teen in braces - is more inclined to express his or her passions - in bold ballsy ways.

For example, when 11-year old Caroline Gonzalez was crowned "Mayor of the Day", the newly-elected official sprang into action and used her executive powers to name a street sign after Justin Bieber to express her undying love for the Pop Idol.

But, her spirits were dampened the following day, when the green & white sign engraved with "Justin Bieber Way" on its face, up-and-disappeared overnight.

Did a nervy fan in Forney (Texas) snatch it up for a keepsake?

As it turned out, a posse of boisterous teens - brimming with raging hormones - were hanging on it to  facilitate photo ops for their pals and it broke!

Because the Bieber placard was such a coveted treasure by the locals, the teens were fearful of retribution, so they snapped up the incriminating evidence and hot-footed it outta there pronto.

Later, when the hapless teens got their wits about them, they came forward and fessed up.

No problemo!

The city whipped up another sign (a $20 expenditure) which was ceremoniously hoisted into position to grace the quaint little street once again without further incident.

On Monday, when the "sign" has completed its "term", it will be gifted to Caroline Gonzalez.

Undoubtedly, she'll gush a quick "thanks",  then dash back home and tuck it under her pillow.

Sweet dreams on Justin Bieber Way, eh, Caroline?

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