Friday, August 12, 2011

Justin running shoes trigger transsexual album cover spoof!

When a gang of roving paparazzi ambushed Justin Bieber in a parking lot this past week, a lot of hoopla erupted over a pair of neon-pink tennis shoes the Pop Star was sporting as he dashed about the city catching up on chores.


The tabloid press heckled the peacock look!

Frankly, I gave a big thumbs up to the "Bieb" for boldly going where few studly dudes have dared tom-cat before!

Heh, the kid's got balls, no doubt about it.

Only a confident man-about-town would take such a fashion risk!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Internet, some jokester with a wicked sense of humor was plotting a hilarious "coming out" scenario for the unsuspecting teen idol.

When I spied the mock album cover of Justin in a pink dress pictured above I cracked up.

I expect that Justin will take it all in his stride as usual.

Actually, it was a tough week for Mr. Bieber.

For example, a gaggle of mean-spirited flight personnel (stews) lamented that the "Bieb" was a "brat" which triggered a tidal-wave of publicity (mixed) around the globe.

Allegedly, the pint-sized superstar turned down a request to pose with the pilot of an airliner he was a passenger on, so the aging Ice Queens took their revenge.

After screening the flick "Airplane" - just maybe - Bieber was wise to the fact that if he accepted such an invitation he might end up being molested in the - um - cockpit?

I applaud Bieber's refusal to be led around by the nose, by the way.

The kid is not a circus act, after all!

Amidst a flurry of gay rumors, I  expect the same loose cannons in the hysterical press will be reporting (in the next excited breath) that the chart-topping crooner has secretly tied-the-knot with Selena Gomez.


When the rumors, gossip, and innuendo are examined beyond their "face" they usually don't make any sense (not to a person of reasonable intelligence!).

I say:

Rock on, Justin!

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