Thursday, August 18, 2011

Johnny Depp...big tipper! Tiger Woods & Madonna "tight" with the bucks!

Well, it's a pretty well-known piece of scuttlebutt.

Johnny Depp once slipped a $100 bill into the needy hands of a homeless individual crouching in the shadows in the bustling mean streets of  Los Angeles with nary a thought.

So, it goes without saying, he'd probably tip well, right?

You betcha!

According to a recent news report, the former "21 Jump Street" star was crowned as best celebrity "tipper".

And, wonders never cease.

In spite of the fact Posh (Victoria Beckham) has a reputation for being penny-wise when it comes to rewarding the humble masses for services rendered (thank-you very much) Becks - her better-half  - acts like a drunken sailor flashing his wad when the fleets in!

Another sports hero (fallen?), Tiger Woods is apparently notorious for stiffing workers in the service industry, however.

"I never carry cash," he shrugs, in his defense.

Heh Tig, they'd probably take American Express traveller's checks in a pinch.

Who knows why Madonna is so tight - with the tips - that is.

One disgruntled restaurant waiter complained that the "Material Girl" left a paltry fourteen bucks in spite of the fact the tab soared into the hundreds.

Gosh, that's way below the standard of 15% (a minimum in the U.S.) isn't it?

The aging Diva could have at least coughed up a signed CD to ease the pain a little.

Barbra Streisand is a tough cookie, too, when it comes to acknowledging doting servants.

I  guess  the cost of keeping James Brolin in pricey hair products, tightie-whities, and what-have-you has left the ballsy broadway belter a little strapped for cash.

Bottom line?

Some folks are obviously under the impression that tipping is a place in China!

News at 11!

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