Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hugh Hefner's..."Midsummer Night's Dream" kicks off ! Palms Pool hedonistic delight!

Hugh Hefner may have been jilted at the altar, but the Playboy King - known for his self-indulgent hedonistic lifestyle - isn't moping about the Mansion crying-the-blues.

In fact, in spite of a nasty put-down recently about his alleged non-existent skills at foreplay and lovemaking in general (think 30 seconds or less) by a notorious scheming gold-digger (in the guise of a bodacious blond bimbo who eventually sashayed off with a pricey engagement ring and a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle) Hef has remained in high spirits and still game for the seductive party circuit!

Today, in fact, the original "Goddess Master" (Charlie Sheen eat your heart out!) is expected to trot over to the Palms Pool where the annual "Midsummer Night's Dream" extravaganza (Playboy-style) kicks off amidst a lot of hoopla!

The festive event - a smorgasbord of delights actually - will be populated by a bevy of busty beauties and PJ-clad Lotharios - out to party-hearty throughout the day - in a carnival-like atmosphere that is slated to feature a troupe of talented performance artists (and wandering minstrels) costumed as mythical characters.

Party-crashes are sure to spy a host of - fairies, magicians, exotic water creatures - if they manage to maneuver their way through the high-security gates.

The music - by celebrated DJ Pauly D (Jersey Shore) - is expected to be quite eclectic.

See 'ya there!
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