Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Google...blogger spell-check crap! Edit bay rife with nasty glitches! Arghhh!

Google is quite the enterprising business entity - always quick to develop new technology - with the self-serving aim of monopolizing the blogosphere with their innovative offerings guaranteed to rustle up big bucks.

Unfortunately, a raft of their software programs are total crap (poorly-designed).

If you're a blogger - and post daily on "blogspot" - I'm sure you'll sympathize with my frustrations!

For starters, the spell check option is rife with glitches.

As a result, I end up wasting dozens of man  hours weekly, needlessly.

Heck, I want my life back!

For example, once I have written a draft I usually run spell check to ferret out typos, misspellings of tricky words I may not be entirely familiar with, and what-have-you.

On occasion, when I click on the icon to start up the scan, the post begins to shake up-and-down erratically preventing me from editing the material.

Worse than that?

Once this bizarre snafu takes control, I usually have to shut-down the "tattler" edit bay and begin anew, because the spell check function won't respond to my request to CEASE & DESIST!

Once I get started up again, other problems may (or may not) pop up during the edit process.

For instance, when the spell checker singles out a word to correct, another intriguing glitch may surface.

In spite of the fact I may have spelled the word "single" correctly, spell check may inform me this is not the case.

In a nutshell?

If I give authorization to proceed with the correction, the software may end up spelling single with a double "s" (ssingle).


Where's Dakota Jones when 'ya need him, eh?

Sometimes when I facilitate a word in a post, spell check informs me that I have not selected the right word.

On one occasion, when I used the word "imminent" (rightly so) spell check changed it to "eminent".

Consequently, I received an e-mail from a tattler reader who proceeded to chastise me for using an incorrect word in that particular circumstance.

"I can't take your posts seriously when you make such a grievous error," the irate reader snarled at me in their snippy communication.

Instead of angrily retorting back, I took the high road instead.

I zipped off an e-mail in which I thanked the individual for bringing the matter to my attention.


In spite of the fact it was not my fault, you'd think I had committed a crime against humanity, dudes!

But, the most disturbing (and frustrating) problems arise now-and-then when I spy an error in a post and attempt to correct it.

For some inexplicable reason, after I edit the post - and summarily publish it to the Tattler site with appropriate corrections - only the "title" of the post shows up on the blog page.


The edited "body" of the post vanishes into thin air!

Before I got wise to the snafu, I often lost complete posts, and was forced to toil for another hour or so on a spanking-new post.

When it became obvious that this troubling software problem was going to persist (after all, google ignored my requests to investigate and resolve the glaring flaw in their product) - I was forced to save the bodies of post for safekeeping until the article was published without incident on the Tattler.

In view of the foregoing, I trust that my readers (and first-time visitors to the site) will give me a little leeway and not be so judgemental.

Some days, after spending hours on the laptop, I just have to take a break in spite of the fact I am upset over errors in a post that I am sure I will criticized for.

Bottom line?

I never said I was perfect!

If I was, God would have welcomed me with open arms into heaven years ago!



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