Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop...installs "mister" to cool down customers! Responds to complaints! Kudos!

A few days I was on the rag and complained about a swarm of snarling traffic and lookie loo's (serious buyers, too) who were blocking the sidewalk in front of the ever-popular pawn shop that has become a big hit as a tourist attraction thanks to a cable reality-show.

At the time, I also made a couple of suggestions to the owners, with the specific aim of transforming the experience into an adventurous enjoyable one for all concerned.

For example, I recommended that the owners install an awning to shield the customers standing in line for hours from the sweltering mid-day sun.

Post: 08/15/11

Just the other day,  I was strolling by the shop - and couldn't help but notice that tourists and locals alike - were now forming an orderly queue out-of-harm's way at the direction of the staff who were engaged in crowd control.

Although I didn't spy any awning gracing the front of the establishment - lo & behold - the owners did one better!

Customers shifting feet impatiently in line out-front in the sizzling -hot desert sun are now able to "cool down" thanks to the installation of a "misting" machine!

Just betcha there won't be as many cranky outbursts - or squabbles in a line that usually snakes all the way down the boulevard daily - now that the tourists' nerves are less jangled!

Kudos to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop staff!

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