Saturday, August 13, 2011

GAY PANIC DEFENSE...14-yr old boy shoots student for calling him "Baby".

One day a fourteen-year-old boy toted a concealed weapon to school, and proceeded to shoot a fellow student dead, with two bullets to the head.

According to news report, the troubled youth was offended when the classmate casually referred to him as "baby" the day before.

"I was afraid he was going to put the moves on me," he uttered up to the authorities when they hauled him away to the detention hall.

Legal analysts are now referring to the excuse as the "Gay Panic Defense".

"It's a ludicrous argument," one irate lawyer protested in so many word on one high-rated broadcast-news show.

"If a male approached a female - and called her "baby" - would she be entitled to dash home, load a pistol, and snuff out his life, " the legal eagle elaborated to drive home the point.

Frankly, I found it ironic that the lad in question found a need to react as violently, as he did.

I recall that when I was a kid playing in the schoolyard, boys who were perceived as "homos", were usually gangly weaklings, sissies, and wimps.

What self-respecting macho male would be fearful of a such a "pansy"?

It sounds to like the so-called "straight" boy has issues and is somewhat confused about his own sexuality.

Gosh, I shouldn't have said that, eh?

He'll come gunning for me next!

I recall a rhyme we used to chant in the schoolyard when I was a youth residing in Toronto.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never harm me!"

Boy, how the times have changed.

It's a sad commentary on life in America today isn't it?


Un-Christian-like behavior prevails in America!

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