Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fremont Street Family Market...rips-off shoppers! Deceptive business practices! Overpriced groceries!

I am always appalled when grocery outlets (who are caught engaging in deceptive business practices) persist with bold-faced dishonest maneuvers in an all-out effort to hoodwink customers in the name of the almighty buck.

What do I have to say to these folks?

Shame on you, for starters.

Bottom line?

You can't buy a good reputation, you have to earn it, loser!

For example, the owner of the Fremont Street Family Market (at 611 - 620 Fremont Street in "Sin" City just below Las Vegas Boulevard) routinely lures shoppers to shelf (and cooler) items on the premise that the products are cheaper than they actually are.

When a customer notices the discrepancy at the cashier, the clerk swears up-and-down that the shopper is at fault for not deciphering the misleading signs, which clearly establish that the intent was dishonest and not a misunderstanding as falsely alleged.

People are not idiots, after all!

In the same store, I was also found another disturbing practice, which underscored just how greedy this shopkeeper is!

Just about every item in the canned goods section is overpriced by at least fifty or sixty percent!

In a neighborhood where the residents tend to be on limited incomes (such as Social Security or a pension) it shocks the sensibilities (and likewise incites rage!).

In my estimation, no decent or moral upstanding citizen would engage in such reprehensible rip-off business practices, to be sure.

With these disreputable scammers, it is just business-as-usual.

I say, boycott this scurrilous place and chase them out of the community.

In a civilized society, they are a scourge upon the landscape!

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