Saturday, August 27, 2011

Facebook...privacy issues continue to plague social hub! Mark Zuckerberg a cad!

Priacy issues continue to rear their ugly head at Facebook (the  popular social hub).

For example, a handful of irate members cried foul recently, when they learned that whenever a post was published on the site the log-on location was visible to all on the Internet.

Their angst was well-fonded and for good reason.

For example, let's say a battered wife was in the midst of an ugly divorce - it is wholly possible that the estranged husband could track his wife down - with potentially dangerous results.

Celebrities may be at risk too; after all, a demented stalkers may use the information to get up-close and personal with the object of their burning passion.

Today, when I logged in, I was faced with a convuluted dilemma.

As I was attempting to post a article, the screen went an eerie opague color - at which point - I was asked to respond to posting selections being offered up.

For example, Facebook staff posed three questions:

1. Do you want the post to be visible publicly?
2. Do you want the post to be visible just to friends?
3. Do you want the post to be visible just to yourself?


Frankly I found the third option downright ludicrous.

Who wants to post a message that is only visible to themself?

There was another niggling problem that also troubled me.

If the member selected the first option to make the post visible, does that mean the location would be screaming out from the Facebook site?

For a company that claims to be a leader in the field, Facebooks come off looking pretty rinky-dink.

Mark Zuckerberg should be strung-up by the balls in the town-square and tarred-and-feathered.


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