Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray...devious legal maneuver to "humanize" physician's image!

When tabloid gossips caught sight of Dr. Conrad Murray schlepping about a local shopping mall - in a tacky hot-pink t-shirt, they just about put in a call to the fashion police.

"Well, Murray could have at least sported a white shirt (beneath a tasteful suit jacket perhaps)," one admonished, as his partners in rumor-mongering split-a-gut on the sidelines.

The quip triggered a red flag in my mind!

Of course, with the upcoming trial for manslaugher about to dramatically unfold in Los Angeles, Murray's expert defense lawyers probably urged their client to play the common Joe whenever he was out-and-about, in a deceitful effort to "humanize" Murray to the public at large.

Just betcha!

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