Monday, August 22, 2011

Davis evening with the high-profile photographer! Annenberg Space for Photography!

Davis Factor, the great grandson of legendary cosmetics king Max Factor, is slated to appear at the Annenberg Space for Photography on September 1st in Los Angeles.

Factor boasts an illustrious career in the creative arts that spans a couple of decades.

The talented photographer - who has snapped publicity stills of a handful of high-profile celebrities (such as Lisa Marie Presley) founded Smashbox Studios in 1990.

Factor also created a modeling agency - essentially a beauty house - which specialized in representing hair & makeup artists and stylists (and Smashbox Cosmetics).

Factor has also been credited for initiating talks to create the prestigious Los Angeles Fashion Week.

In spite of juggling his focus to keep all his projects afloat, Factor continued to explore his first love, photography.

The exhibition of his work is expected to be - not only a restrospective of his dynamic work, but a tribute to his remarkable gifts.
Although Factor sold Smashbox to Estee Lauder, he maintains an active role as head of Global Creative for Smashbox Cosmetics.

During a Q & A on opening night, Factor is expected to discuss a book he is currently penning, titled "Shoot from the Hip".

According to his handlers, the slick publication will provide a glimpse into Factor's journey as a photographer, entrepreneur and creative pioneer.


The tickets are free (limited two per person) and may be plucked up online at the Annenberg gallery website on Wednesday August 24th at 12 noon and Thursday August 25th at 9:30 a.m.

See 'ya there!


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