Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dave Letterman...audience a "shield" jokes comic! Terrorist threat hilarious fodder!

On his first evening back on the late-night talk circuit - since a terrorist threatened to cut off his tongue - Dave Letterman firmly established to all-watching - that he wasn't going to be intimidated into silence.

In fact, to the delight of the audience at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, Letterman was not only inclined to candidly discuss the sordid details - but also - poke fun at the bizarre turn-of-events that unfolded over the past week.

For the first half-hour-so, the highly-rated talk show was peppered with quite a few zingers that had fans falling the aisles (and me LOL at home).

For example, Mr. Letterman thanked the audience for attending the taping.

"You're more than an audience, you're a human shield," he joked.

The joke brought the house down.

And, some may have been potential terrorists, too.

At one point, the camera panned to capture a staff member body-searching guests as they entered the studio.

Stern blank-faced bodyguards (were they really FBI agents?) were also spied guarding two entrances to the auditorium.

In the top 10 segment - "thoughts that crossed my mind when I heard about the threats" - Dave  kidded that Jay Leno was a likely suspect!

There was also a silver lining to the ordeal, asserted the toothy stand-up comic off-the-cuff.

The bemused host theorized that in the throes of the crisis, he was able to determine who his friends really were.

According to Letterman, when he sauntered into an ice-cream store one day to pluck up cones for his family, other customers high-tailed
 it out of there as they uttered up a warning to everyone within earshot.

"Moving target!"

Well, at least Dave still has his tongue, to tell the tale.

Stay posted for update!

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