Monday, August 22, 2011

Danny DeVito...comic actor honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Danny DeVito - known for his hilarious performances in films such as "Throw Mamma Off the  Train" - was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

It's been a long-time coming for the deserving actor!

DeVito - probably best-known for his role as "Louise De Palma" in the hit TV series "Taxi" - beamed and cracked jokes at the red carpet event as a posse of fans and frenzied paparazzi cheered him on from the sidelines.

Years ago, I was cast to play a "waiter" in a made-for-cable movie titled "The Ratings Game".

On set in Tustin (CA) I had the opportunity to cross paths with Mr. DeVito (who was starring in the low-budget project) and get up-close-and-personal.

I found the actor to be down-to-earth, outgoing, and quite approachable.

With Danny DeVito- what you see - is what you get!

Congrats, Danny!

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