Monday, August 22, 2011

CVS...fined $2 million dollars for overcharging customers! Misleading advertising & deceptive business practices!

In response to a lawsuit filed against CVS in Los Angeles Superior Court by the District Attorney's office - in which it was alleged in the court pleadings that the pharmacy routinely charged consumers in excess of the  advertised prices and neglected to apply discounts on the spot at the check-out counter - CVS has agreed to settle out-of-court.

I am not surprised about the turn-of-events, however.

Over the past couple of years, I was personally ripped-off by CVS and reported on the issues.

Post:  08/10/2009

Post: 07/20/2011

Under the terms of the agreement, CVS has agreed to cough up $2 million dollars in fines and $420,000.00 to cover costs of the investigation.

According to the deal that was hammered out with prosecutors, CVS has agreed to also pay $300,00.00 to the California Department of Measures & Standards and $100,00.00 to the Consumer Protection Trust.

The Consumer protection Trust enforces consumer protection laws.

In addition, the corporate entity agreed to put pricing programs in place for a three-year period to ensure that consumers are not overcharged (or hoodwinked) in the future.

Just betcha, CVS will be up to their old tricks again, though!

Stay posted for updates!

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