Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicken Raising Workshop...start a business! Be your own boss!

Times are tough!

Although greedy individuals like former Mayor Oscar Goodman are gobbling up the part-time jobs that pay upwards of $60,000.00 annually, humble Americans are struggling to find menial day work in order to make ends meet.

For example, this afternoon I witnessed a desperate gentleman approach the manager at a local McDonalds in Las Vegas, and literally beg for a job at the counter that probably pays a paltry few bucks an hour.

"Come on. You must have some shift available," the frustrated man pleaded.

"There's nothing, Sir. I'm  sorry."

Subsequently, some libraries are offering up workshops so that patrons down-on-their luck, may have the chance to learn new skills which might lay a foundation for a successful business venture.

Heck, why not be your own boss, eh?

The Contra Costa County Library is offering a free workshop on how to raise chickens, for example.

Imagine that!

You can learn how to farm your own fresh organic eggs.

The free course - not only teaches the basics of chicken care - but offers up tips on the additives to use for a compost, pest control, and what-have-you.

A Q&A panel discussion will follow to round out the workshop.

Who knows, maybe one day attendees will be providing McDonald's with the "stuffing" for their mighty tasty Egg McMuffins!


Saturday August 13th


Oak View Room
Walnut Creek Library


10:30 am - 12:00 pm

The Library is just off the Walnut Creek BART station in California

See 'ya there!

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