Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bachelor Pad...Jake's "package" titillates bodacious babes!

Ho  Hum!

Some nights it is a cultural wasteland on the old boob tube - so - viewers are forced to hunker down and make do.

Like last night, for instance.

After a bit of channel surfing, I finally landed on Bachelor Pad - a reality-show normally brimming with fluff - half-expecting to doze off before I downed the last  few drops of my brewskie.

Surprisingly, the off-beat dating bill-of-fare turned out to be a bit of a scandalous peep-show - of sorts - last evening.

On this week's episode, male and female contestants were vying for a rose in a synchroized swimming competition that smacked of an old Esther Williams classic flick of yesteryear.

For example, at one point, the fellas - in line on the edge of a olympic-size pool - proceeded to arch their arms and dive into the cement pond (as Jed Clampett would say) one-by-one in a graceful regimented style that was sheer poetry in motion.

At one point, an underwater camera not only singled out Jake's butt and muscular legs from behind, but also splashed a risque shot of the bachelors bulging crotch across the broadcast airwaves to viewers at home.

On the sidelines, one bodacious babe - who obviously has a crush on Jake - gushed:

"Jake should win the contest based on his package alone."

Size Queen!

Because a cold pool usually shrivels up the balls (and manhood) of most healthy all-American studs, it is evident from the risque footage taken of Jake, that the outgoing kid is obviously all meat-and-potatoes.

The girth is also important, Jake, or so they say!

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