Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ashton Kutcher..Punked? Feds at the Federal Trade Commission nix plans to pursue non-disclosure issues!


Ashton Kutcher is breathing a sigh of relief this weekend on the heels of the news that the Feds at the FTC don't intend to pursue a non-disclosure issue raised by a handful of media outlets this past week.

The Tattler reported on the high-wire act that Kutcher and DETAILS staff engaged in to stave off a criminal investigation.

Post: 08/19/2011

A New York Times article also raised questions as to whether Kutcher would face a Federal Trade Commission investigation for his failure to disclose investments he made in technology companies when he acted as a guest editor for DETAILS Magazine and summarily touted those business entities.
Initially an FTC official said an investigation was "certainly a possibility", but now, an FTC spokesperson has whispered in the ear of a reporter at the daily that the agency has no plans to investigate Kutcher.

Was Ashton Kutcher being punk'd?

Kutcher did not issue any kind of public response regarding the matter, though an editor at Details Magazine did offer up a defense on their behalf (which I duly reported verbatim in the article cited above).

And, how was your week?

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